Reflections on teaching…..another one from the unpublished draft archives FULT 2015 

The concept of focusing on process AND content is so important. You need to have complete mastery over the material yourself so that you can devote enough energy and attention to focus on the process of delivery, and incorporating how the students are responding. Teaching time is a fluid bi-directional process. Utilisation of specific examples which resonate with the student is important so that there is buy in from the students. Which means that you need to be aware of the other things that the students have learnt recently within the course and perhaps within the other subjects they are doing at the time, which is certainly relevant for me in teaching medical students. Using alternative media in the lecture is an interesting one, and one whic has worked variably for me. Connecting the media to the content is vital or otherwise they are left asking “Why?” and you run the risk of losing them.  

I think that what it meant for me is that you need to be brave enough to incorporate a variety of media / activities which both align wiht the material you’re covering, but equally that gives the greatest opportunity for the most students to move through the phases of mastery of the subject. 

Some other random thoughts

  • Learning is for for life……Connect it with life
  • Careful preparation
  • How students learn dictates how we teach them. Teaching should be learner centred. 
  • Passion and engagement doesn’t necessarily = good outcomes….from either the teacher or the student! 
  • How can we get students to apply the material in class. 
  • Learn theory first then apply it in real life 
  • Need to get students to care, that’s how they will create meaning and understanding. 
  • It takes courage to teaching things differently and to mix it up. It also takes confidence and humility. Building these things takes practice 
  • The students learn from the teacher and vice versa
  • Teaching is a priviledge. 

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